I have no doubt that attending Helen’s classes for many years played a role in my quick recovery from surgery. Helen is very professional at what she does, and her classes are not only beneficial but thoroughly enjoyable!

Anne Boyle

This is the best yoga class I have attended. Helen is a wonderful, warm, and welcoming teacher. She also gives advice on nutrition. I am happy to say I am healthier and fitter since I’ve joined the classes.

Eilish Fitzpatrick

The online classes kept me sane during lockdown. I love the feeling of stretching and then enjoying the relaxation that comes at the end. I have recommended the class to all my friends.

Carol Fenton

The slowing down & body relaxation is excellent. I have tried all those tapes, but this is the only time I truly enjoy a fully relaxed period & am ready to re-join the world after the session- a fitter, healthier & more positive being!

Ann Tiernan

I have osteoporosis, and on a recent visit my doctor told me my condition
would be much worse if I wasn’t doing yoga. I had a nutrition consultation with Helen and found immediate reduction in symptoms and improved energy levels.  Well worthwhile and highly recommended!

Geraldine Clare

I have attended Helen’s yoga classes for many years, and they just get better. I always feel I have stretched every muscle in my body without ever feeling any ill effect. Wednesdays are not the same without my Yoga Fix

Alice R