Helen Sherlock


Yoga Audio Downloads

ListenYoga Audio DownloadAttending a yoga class once or twice a week is wonderful for your physical and mental wellbeing. You leave the class feeling energised, you sleep better and issues that had caused you confusion and worry are easier to deal with. But it is in incorporating yoga into your life that you will experience its many benefits in greater depth.


Practising three or four times a week (and perhaps eventually having a daily practice) is the aim of many of my students. However they report finding it difficult to get motivated. When they do practice they forget the sequence of poses and find it an interruption having to consult their handouts. And Savasana, their reward, is less attainable without having a guide to ease them into relaxation. In short they miss a human voice guiding them through their practice.


To address these concerns I have created guided audio classes which are now available for download. In addition you can also download a guided relaxation, ideal for times when you do not feel able for a physical practice or for the days when you have more time to relax after your practice. On a personal level I prefer audio to video as I find watching a video of the practice very distracting, while listening to clear instructions allows me to fully experience the yoga poses.


Download the audios directly to your MP3, iPod or computer or burn them to a CD. You can then do your practice at a time and place that suits you. And you can practise as many times as you wish for less than the price of one yoga class. I hope you find the audios useful and enjoyable. Please send me your feedback and ideas for future classes.