Helen Sherlock



"I have a very hectic lifestyle ,am involved in setting up and facilitating social skills groups under the spectrum alliance, I also have 3 children ages from 21/15 one has a very special requirement. I find the day I am doing the yoga is like a time-out for me but in a good way , I need to concentrate on relaxation, and for me that wasn't an easy task. I now feel more unwind- ed if that makes sense? I know I am more flexible because before I started yoga , my right arm struggled to reach up my back. For me now, it is also being part of something I enjoy just knowing its doing me good, I would recommend yoga for everyone young and old, and the teacher Helen Sherlock goes beyond the art of yoga by introducing other forms of understanding and conversation around self worth, and well-being." Sandra Dillon

"I have been going to Helen Sherlock's yoga classes in Drumcondra for many years now. They keep me fit and supple and I never fail to feel wonderful and relaxed at the end of every class." Pat Moroney

"As a yoga first-timer, I was very fortunate to find Helen's class. The class balances very well the technical aspects of yoga coupled with bringing a mindfulness to the practice generally. Its relaxed and enjoyable." Shane Bourke

"One thing I really love about your class is the way you explain where each part of the body should be placed, down to the toes and fingers even. If I'm going to do yoga I want to do it right and your approach really helps with that. The individual attention is fantastic too. I have been to too many classes where the teacher demonstrates at the front and the class just follows along as best they can. And finally, and this is probably really personal to me, I love the emphasis on opening the heart area. " Mukta Cooper

"I have been attending yoga classes for the past three years. Helen is very calm and encouraging and this makes the class so enjoyable. She gives individual attention and does not push anyone beyond their capabilities. I have found practicing yoga has helped me become aware of my breathing and slow it down when needed. The slow movements and stretches help me focus. My flexibility has improved greatly. Yoga also lifts my spirit. When I am really busy I love to take time out to practice yoga, it is a great way to relax. I look forward to the class each week." Barbara Egan

"This yoga class has completely changed my life!!! I am healthier, more relaxed and it has re-energised my mind. Helen’s calming spirit and delightful nature makes it a joy to attend the classes." Marina Murtagh

"I attend Helen's class in All Hallows, the location is peaceful , close to buses and plenty of parking is available on site. Each week we learn new techniques , so by the end of each course I am able to do exercises that I haven't done since I was a child! I would highly recommend any of Helen's yoga classes." Loretta Crawley

"I'm thoroughly enjoying Helen's yoga classes. I find Helen's classes are the perfect balance between effort and ease. She doesn't push too hard but keeps encouraging us to put our best effort into the postures. She also finds the right balance between running a professional class and having a little fun. Her instructions are clear and she keeps a sharp eye to ensure everyone is doing the postures in a balanced way to avoid injury. She keeps her classes interesting so the time flies and then it's time to relax and Helen will talk us through some beautiful short meditations with calming background music. " Margaret Holland

"As someone who suffers with stiff muscles I find yoga a great way to loosen up and feel energised afterwards. Helen Sherlock is a top class yoga teacher who creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in all her classes." Margaret Sheridan

"I came to yoga late-ish ! in life. Yoga is one of the best things I ever did. Flexibility, co-ordination, strength and muscle tone - all of huge value to me. It has a beneficial spin-off with my weight control. Very good for me. I recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances." Christy Kerins

"Helen's weekly yoga class has taught me so much over the years. Initially, I used Helen's (6.15pm All-Hallows) class as part of a fitness/flexibility programme which worked brilliantly as an 'add-on' to my overall fitness regime - which would have included daily walking and various twice-weekly aerobic workouts. Helen's class has helped me to understand what yoga is all about and how my body works within its practices, it has strengthened my core muscle group, has corrected my posture, increased my flexibility and has given me a confidence in my ability to stretch. Most importantly for me, it has taught me to appreciate the importance of self-improvement - through a small daily yoga exercise routine and, even more importantly, some daily meditation." Pauline O'Sullivan